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Reclaimed Oak

Whether you’re trying to live greener or be more contentious about purchases, reclaimed oak furniture can give you the right fit for your lifestyle. Reclaimed wood is an attractive form of recycling that benefits both the environment and your home décor by offering sustainable products in a variety of styles.

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Reclaimed Oak (55)
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Reclaimed Oak Furniture – Greener, Smarter Home Decorating

Little compares to the beauty of real wood when it comes to home furnishings. But with all the focus on living greener and conserving resources, is wood furniture still a practical choice? It can be when you consider the advantages of pieces made from reclaimed wood, including oak furniture.

Reclaimed wood is simply wood that has been used to build something else in the past. When a structure is taken apart or demolished, some of the wood may be saved and used in new buildings, flooring, furniture, and more. Reclaimed oak furniture has all the properties and advantages of reclaimed wood as a whole, making it both sensible and environmentally-friendly.

Using reclaimed oak furniture over new wood supports a practical form of recycling. With so many things being crafted and built every day, reusing wood means cutting down fewer trees for new materials. Oak grows more slowly than other woods and takes longer to renew, making reclaimed oak furniture a more conscientious choice when decorating your home.

One useful property of reclaimed wood over new wood is that, having already been used in previous projects, it has likely been exposed to common wear from heat, moisture, and other environmental factors. This means that any shrinking and fading that might occur in new wood has already happened. You can enjoy your reclaimed oak furniture even more knowing that these factors won’t be a problem.

Reclaimed oak furniture is just as beautiful and versatile as that constructed from new materials. In fact, a little wear can make wood that much more attractive, giving it a rustic, aged look without compromising its natural durability. The strength of oak wood allows it to last for a long time, even when recycled into new pieces that are used in the home on a daily basis. Stained or painted, classic or contemporary, reclaimed oak furniture brings timeless splendour and quality to any room.


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