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Oak Console Tables

We have a great selection of oak console tables available at discounted prices. Take some time to also browse our oak coffee tables, oak TV cabinets and other oak living room furniture as part of our oak furniture range which will compliment your new oak console table.

Oak Console Table (13)
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Oak Console Table (13)
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Decorate Your Home With an Oak Console Table

When your home is in need of an attractive, decorative accent, try an oak console table. Console tables give you a place to display flower arrangements and photographs or add a lamp to brighten up a room. In the living room, entryway, or even the dining area, an oak console table makes a lovely addition.

The styles you’ll find when looking for an oak console table are many and varied. Square tables create a balanced look in the living room when placed on one or both sides of the sofa. These small pieces are the perfect place for table lamps and often have drawers to help keep clutter under control. If you need more table space or simply want a bigger area in which to showcase decorative items, a longer oak console table offers just that. Tables with an open construction are visually subtle and keep the focus on the things you wish to display.

An otherwise bare entryway can be livened up by the addition of an oak console table. Imagine greeting visitors with a vibrant house plant or vase of flowers perched on a natural wood table. Not only is this a good first impression, it also brings a sense of beauty and life to your home. And since oak wood can be finished in a multitude of shades, it’s not hard to find a console table that complements your home décor.

Whether you want a style that is simple and elegant or prominent and striking, incorporating an oak console table will help complete the look. An unadorned contemporary table fills empty wall space without overshadowing other furniture. Something more commanding with many drawers or even a built-in wine rack draws the eye and instantly becomes an important part of the décor. Although console tables are largely classic pieces, contemporary models are available for the modern home.

You get all the benefits of oak wood furniture when you bring an oak console table into your home. Strength, durability, and versatility are just a few of the properties of oak. The fine grain can be showcased in every colour whether light, neutral, or dark. Light stain creates honey-coloured browns and reddish undertones, while deeper stain offers a rugged look. Dusky neutral shades have a subdued appearance and are best for basic table designs. Regardless of the colour you choose, an oak console table is a lovely addition to any home.


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