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Terms and Conditions

Please read our Terms and Conditions carefully and make certain that you understand them. If you disagree with any of our Terms and Conditions then please stop using our website.

1: Definitions:

“Oakfurniture.org.uk” means High Impact Ltd, a company incorporated in England with Company number 06545881 whose registered office address is Arrowsmith Court, Station Approach, Broadstone, Dorset, BH18 8AT.
“User” means any person who visits or uses this Website:
“Retailer” a third party supplier who may advertiser on this website.

2: Oakfurniture.org.uk

2.1 This website is owned and managed by High Impact Ltd.
2.2 Oakfurniture.org.uk can be contacted by writing to High Impact Ltd at the Bournemouth Business Centre, 1054 Christchurch Road, Bournemouth, Dorset, England, UK, BH7 6DS.

3: Use of this Website

3.1 Access to our website is permitted on a temporary basis and we reserve the right to withdraw or amend the service that we provide on our website without notice.
3.2 It is your responsibility to regularly check the website to determine if there have been changes to these website terms and to review such changes.

4: Purchase of Products

4.1 We do not sell any of our own products on this website.
4.2 When we promote a product for sale on this website we are not offering to sell that product. Instead we are offering you the opportunity to purchase that product directly from a third party supplier, such as the retailer. If you purchase products from these third party suppliers then you are entering into a direct contract with these third party suppliers. The final contract for the product itself will be between you and that supplier, not between you and us.
4.3 We have no contractual obligation to you for the purchase of any products from third party suppliers who advertise on this website. In most cases the retailers will have their own Terms and Conditions published on their website in relation to any products that you may purchase from them directly. These should include terms relating to delivery, payment, returns etc. Please make sure that you read and understand their Terms and Conditions prior to making a purchase from the retailer.
4.4 If you have any questions relating to a product that you have purchased then you should contact the retailer directly.

5: General Terms relating to the use of this website.

5.1 The material displayed on our website is provided without any guarantees, conditions or warranties as to its accuracy.
5.2 We aim to keep the content on our website up to date and may change the content at any time. Some of the information on our website may unintentionally be out of date or incorrect at any given time and we cannot be held liable for this. If out of date information is brought to attention by a third party then we will aim to correct it within a reasonable period of time.
5.3 Any links on our website to third party suppliers are provided for information only. We cannot control the contents of these websites and accept no responsibility for them or any damage or loss that may occur if you purchase products or services from them.
5.4 All of the articles and content displayed on our website are intended as information only and does not constitute advice. It must not be relied upon when making a decision or deciding on any course of action. We will not accept any claim of liability or responsibility from any visitors to our website for any reliance placed on information that is published on our website.
5.5 The information displayed on our website is provided without any guarantees, conditions or warranties as to its accuracy.
5.6 All of the content that we have published on our site is owned by us or retailers and is protected under international copyright laws.
5.7 The English courts will have non-exclusive jurisdiction over any claim arising from, or related to, these terms or to a visit to our website although we retain the right to bring proceedings against you for breach of these conditions in your country of residence or any other relevant country. These terms of use are governed by English law.


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