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Use Oak Dining Chairs to Complete a Beautiful Dining Room Style

Posted on April 4, 2011 by Admin

Dining chairs are more than just a place to sit while enjoying a meal. They are an integral part of the look and feel of a dining room, and the design you use has an impact on the room as a whole. Oak dining chairs come in many different styles suitable for any home. Choosing a set of chairs that complements your dining table and other dining room furniture is essential to creating a beautiful, balanced room.

Whether your family is large or small, chances are you congregate in the dining room at least once a day to share a meal. Or perhaps you’re fond of throwing holiday parties, family get-togethers, or other events with a lot of guests. Whatever the case, oak furniture is a good choice in rooms that are frequently used. The strength of the wood means that oak dining chairs will remain stable meal after meal, and you’ll be able to enjoy their beauty for a long time to come.

Before purchasing a set of oak dining chairs , think about your dining room décor. Is it traditional, with a lot of wood furniture and large pieces like a dresser or sideboard? Or is the layout simpler, more suited to daily dining than large gatherings? Take a cue from the configuration of the room to help you pick the right oak dining chairs . Basic styles with little adornment are best when you need chairs that are functional rather than decorative. A more elegant look can be achieved with a set of chairs with padded seats in colours that complement the wood.

It’s important that your oak dining chairs match the colour of other furniture already in your dining room. If the overall motif is a rugged, country look, consider chairs stained in light or neutral shades. This brings out the beauty of the wood, including any natural variations, for an attractive finishing touch. Elegant or dramatic rooms benefit most from oak dining chairs finished in dark stain. A light-coloured padded seat creates contrast, offering both comfort and visual interest.

Though oak is naturally moisture-resistant, it’s a good idea to clean up any spills as soon as they occur to avoid damage to the wood. Careful dusting with a soft cloth and waxing every three or four months helps restore natural beauty. Taking care of your oak dining chairs will keep them looking their best.


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