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Oak Wardrobes Are an Investment Worth Making

Posted on April 4, 2011 by Admin

When your bedroom needs both reliable clothing storage and an attractive piece of furniture to round out the décor, consider the benefits of oak wardrobes. From full-hanging wardrobes to expansive triple models with one or more drawers, there are oak wardrobes perfect for storing a variety of clothing both casual and formal.

A big concern with clothing, especially expensive work clothes and formal wear, is keeping it neat and free from damage. Oak wardrobes are unique among furniture in that one of the natural properties of oak wood is to be resistant to pest infestations and moisture. By storing your clothes in a wardrobe crafted from oak, you get the assurance that even your most delicate pieces will remain beautiful over time.

Think about your clothing collection as you browse oak wardrobes. If the majority of your clothes are casual and don’t need to be hung up, choose a model that incorporates enough drawers to keep folded items organised. However, if you have a lot of clothing that is prone to wrinkles, a full-hanging wardrobe offers maximum hanging space. Triple-wide oak wardrobes are perfect for couples who need to share clothing storage and who require both a place to hang work clothes and drawers for weekend outfits.

Visual appeal is another thing to think about when looking at oak wardrobes. When properly cared for, oak lasts a long time, so it’s important to choose a colour you like and a style that best meets your needs. Because of the naturally open grain of oak wood, oak wardrobes are available in every shade from deep brown to light, honey-coloured yellow. Each colour shows off the grain of the wood in a unique way and adds beauty to your bedroom. The colour you select conveys your personal style as part of the wardrobe’s commanding presence.

Oak pieces may cost a little more than other wood furniture, but it’s an investment worth making both for the safety of your clothing and the design of your bedroom. When you buy oak furniture, you not only get a lovely piece; you also receive all the benefits of oak wood. Oak wardrobes are sturdy and long-lasting thanks to the fact that oak grows a bit slower than other woods commonly used for furniture. The wood retains its beauty as it ages, giving you a wardrobe that you can enjoy for many years to come.


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