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Oak Furniture For the Whole Family

Posted on April 4, 2011 by Admin

If you’ve always dreamed of having real wood furniture but weren’t sure where to start, take a look at the wide and varied selection of oak furniture available today. Oak wood looks beautiful in every room and is well suited to many different styles, making it a good choice for any member of the family. No matter what kinds of pieces you need, oak furniture can help make your home look its best.

Bedrooms are perhaps the most personal rooms in a home, with styles that cater to many different ages. From kids and teens to retired couples and everywhere in between, oak furniture can offer just the right look to match anyone’s tastes. Beds, wardrobes, chests of drawers, dressing tables, and more can be crafted from oak and finished in a rainbow of shades. Choose white painted oak furniture for a delicate, whimsical touch in children’s rooms; dark stain for your brooding teen; or bright yellowish-brown to make an airy, light bedroom atmosphere.

The living room is where many families gather to spend time together watching TV, playing games, or just sitting and talking. To create a relaxing space that everyone can enjoy, use oak furniture in your family’s favourite styles. Go for clean and contemporary with a sleek, unadorned TV stand and a coffee table in a unique oval shape. Or bring a touch of the mountains to your home with rugged, neutral-stained pieces that showcase the open grain of oak wood.

Another family-oriented room is the dining room. Both daily family dinners and meals with visiting relatives require a reliable dining set, and oak furniture offers just that. Start with a sturdy oak dining table for a stunning centrepiece that will last through every stage of your kid’s lives, from temper tantrums to high school graduation. Surround this with simple, unadorned oak dining chairs, or choose a style with padded seats for a touch of elegance. Round this all out with large oak furniture such as a dresser or sideboard, and you’ll have a dining room style that you and your family can share and enjoy for many years.

Oak furniture is a lovely, long-lasting addition to any home. Whether you and your family like a minimal, modern style or prefer the traditional look of natural wood, you’re sure to find pieces that complement everyone’s personal tastes.


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