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Oak Dining Tables: Beauty At Every Meal

Posted on February 9, 2011 by Admin

In both eat-in kitchens and formal dining rooms, the dining table is an integral part of the layout. Mealtimes centre around it and it is a fundamental part of dinner parties and special events. All of this makes it important to have a sturdy, attractive dining table. When seeking both beauty and reliability, look no further than oak dining tables.

You don’t have to have a large or old-fashioned eating area to reap the benefits of oak wood. Oak dining tables make perfect centerpieces for both modern kitchens and classic dining rooms. Finding the right fit for your home is easy with the array of styles available. Tuck a square or round table into your eat-in kitchen for simple-yet-elegant daily dining. Rectangular tables small and large are perfect for dedicated dining areas. Oak dining tables even come in extendable models with removable leaves, allowing you to expand table space when friends or family visit and return the table to its normal size when the gathering is over.

Do you like to decorate based on personality as well as function? Oak dining tables let you do that, too. Whether it’s the finish or the shape of the table itself, many options are available to match your personal flair. Pick a painted table with softly curving legs to add style and grace to the dining room, or go for a long rectangular table finished in deep stain for a more serious, old-fashioned look. Some oak dining tables even let you show your quirky side with contemporary shapes or a mixture of paint and natural finish.

All styles of oak dining tables have one thing in common: quality. Wobbly legs and cracked, peeling surfaces won’t be found in good wood furniture. In fact, oak wood is naturally better at resisting moisture than other woods, making it a good choice for dining tables, which are likely to be exposed to more potential spills than other furniture.

The investment you make in oak dining tables today will pay off for a long time to come. With a little care and consideration, solid wood furniture lasts much longer than “budget” or “discount” pieces. No matter what style of dining table you choose, the strong nature of oak means that your family will have a beautiful place to dine for many years.


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