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Choose an Oak Bookcase For Reliable Book Storage

Posted on April 4, 2011 by Admin

Few pieces of furniture have both the eye-catching presence and reliable strength of an oak bookcase. Book lovers know the importance of keeping books organised and in good condition over time, and the many properties of oak wood provide a safe, sturdy piece of oak furniture perfect for even the most treasured volumes. For book collections of any size, an oak bookcase is a smart choice.

There are many reasons why oak wood is particularly well-suited to large furniture such as bookcases. Its slow growth rate results in wood with an inherent strength that stands up to the tests of time. This strength means that an oak bookcase can hold a great deal of books without bending, cracking, or otherwise becoming damaged. Oak is also resistant to mould and pest infestations, two things which could otherwise spell disaster for books.

The fine, open grain of oak wood is versatile and looks attractive in many types of finish. Dark stain is a good choice for studies and home libraries, as it makes a bold statement by lending a touch of drama to the room. Light and neutral stains work better in home offices, which often require a more contemporary look. Living rooms can benefit from an oak bookcase in variety of shades depending on the existing décor.

As for style, oak lends itself well to everything from small, basic bookcase construction to tall, broad models with glass doors perfect for protecting old or valuable books. If your living room requires a piece that will draw the eye, consider an oak bookcase with multiple shelves and doors or drawers that round out the design. For extra book storage in a bedroom or home office, there are low models with just the right amount of space for organising reference books and personal collections.

Your oak bookcase will require a little bit of care so that it stays looking its best and lasts as long as oak furniture should. Avoid placing the bookcase where it will receive direct sunlight, as this can prematurely age the wood. Be sure to dust the piece frequently to keep it clean and attractive. For the best possible appearance, consider waking your oak bookcase three or four times a year with quality furniture wax. This protects both the wood and the finish and helps to ensure that the piece will remain attractive for a long time to come.


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