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Add An Oak Coffee Table to Complete Living Room Style

Posted on April 4, 2011 by Admin

Coffee tables are a wonderful addition to any living room. Depending on the look you want, an oak coffee table can be used as an accent piece to balance out other furniture or as a centrepiece for the room as a whole. Oak wood furniture is an attractive choice whether you’re building a cosy sitting area or trying to bring contemporary style to your home.

The type of oak coffee table you choose should match the vision you have for your living room. Is it a room that you use frequently to entertain friends and extended family, or more of a quiet space for you and close family members to relax and spend time together? Also consider the basic style of your home as a whole when looking for an oak coffee table. A rustic country style will require a very different table than a room that is contemporary or urban.

What you will be using your oak coffee table for also plays a big part in the size and style you choose. For a more private living room or sitting area, you may only need a table with enough space for a beverage and the daily paper. This size of table is available in square or small rectangle shapes and makes a perfect accent to a room of any style. If you do a lot of entertaining, consider an oak coffee table with a more commanding presence. Long, rectangular tables with drawers or shelves incorporated into the design make a great focal point for family gatherings and small parties.

You can find an oak coffee table in a variety of colours ranging from light to dark. The natural grain of oak is fine and open, making it suitable for many types of finish. A stain that showcases the wood itself is a good choice for classic living room designs, as it brings the beauty of oak furniture to the forefront. The lighter the stain, the brighter your oak coffee table will appear. Dark stain makes the grain and any variations in the wood more subtle, bringing a subdued but attractive look to your living area.

There are many options when adding an oak coffee table to your home. From simple square tables finished in light, natural stain to dark-tinted centrepieces that draw the eye and bring a sense of beauty to the décor, the design possibilities are truly endless.


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