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Beauty Meets Practicality in an Oak Chest of Drawers

Posted on January 14, 2011 by Admin

Beautiful, functional, cute, chic, classic, and versatile—all of these can apply to an oak chest of drawers. A chest of drawers is more than just a place to store clothes; it’s a prominent part of bedroom décor that should be given due consideration when planning room layout.

An oak chest of drawers can accommodate a variety of storage and style needs. Simple three, four, and five-drawer models are the perfect size for kid’s bedrooms and can also be used to maximize space in an adult bedroom or master suite. The slim design of these pieces caters well to modern styles and fits in with other contemporary pieces to create a fresh, attractive look in addition to adding storage space.

More extensive clothing storage needs can be met with a larger oak chest of drawers. These may have four or more large drawers or a combination of large and small oak bedside tables to accommodate clothing of various sizes. Wide construction helps these bigger pieces to keep a low profile, while a taller oak chest of drawers can add a stunning visual presence to your bedroom. Double chests add even more room for clothing while still maintaining the attractive look of oak furniture.

When you shop for an oak chest of drawers, you’ll find that there are many constructions and types of finish to choose from. Since the size of such a piece can make it quite eye-catching, it’s important to select the right style to fit both your personal needs and the overall décor of your bedroom. Classic designs sport knobs or metal drawer pulls, while more contemporary models may make use of slim handles for a sleek look. Sharp, bold lines and deep stains work well for rustic bedrooms; but for a brighter, modern feel, you may wish to choose a smoother oak chest of drawers finished with light stain or paint.

Choosing the right oak chest of drawers can enhance or even change the overall look of your bedroom. Large, sturdy pieces may be second only to oak beds in prominence, serving to set the stage for the feel of the rest of the room. Even more minimal pieces add a touch of natural wood beauty that increases storage space and enlivens décor.


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